Dedda Pie (thecoweyed) wrote,
Dedda Pie

Thought of the day...

If Achilles from the Iliad had married Katisha from the Mikado, they would have had the most perfect child ever.

Also, since we're on Gilbert and Sullivan, if anyone is around/has interest in being around the Leesburg area on Friday, Oct 29, the Loudoun Lyric Opera is putting on Ruddigore. And the next morning, proverbially bright (but not actually bright, since the sun probably won't be up yet) and early, I'm planning on taking off to DC for the festivities there.

Also also, I feel like I've turned a corner at work. A week ago an e-mail from one of the assistant principles asking for a meeting got a 'sure, on my way up' reply. Now it's all, well, I've got a student coming in at seven thirty and a student coming in at eight thirty and a parent coming in at nine and I've got re-takes to administer during study hall...

Yeah. I have work. :)

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