Dedda Pie (thecoweyed) wrote,
Dedda Pie

Summer themes

I know it's summer because I've stopped sleeping with blankets on. It's not that it's that hot, yet, but in the evenings it just gets unbearably warm in the apartment. Well, not unbearably, but it certainly feels better to be sleeping without a blanket. The only downside is that it's cold in the mornings, so I wake up chilly. Later in the summer this will NOT be a problem.

I started taking walks this semester; not walks to get any particular place, just walks to get me moving around a little bit every day, or, well, almost every day.

I picked out a path that's three miles long according to Google Maps, and have decided that's going to be my summertime walking route. My goal is to do the three miles every day. I've done it the last two days in approximately the following chunks: One mile to the corner for lunch, one half a mile to the Library for Greek, one mile and a half home again. We'll see if it keeps up. But two points at least establish a straight line, right? Or am I thinking of some other sort of math?

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