Dedda Pie (thecoweyed) wrote,
Dedda Pie

Writer's Block: Subtitles please

What is your favorite foreign film? Do you think there should be an American remake?

It's strange that this thing popped up a couple of days after I went and watched Delicatessen on Hulu's Days of Summer series. I don't usually click on random films, but this one looked intereting, and definitely delivered. From the clownish, Chaplin-esque antics of the main character (the bed-bouncing scene made me smile more than anyone should smile at a scene of two people bouncing on a bed) to the slow unfolding of the darker elements in the plot, it was just about perfect. I can't imagine it could be re-done any better.

If I could pick a foreign film to be remade into a movie in English, I'd pick Oblomov.
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