Dedda Pie (thecoweyed) wrote,
Dedda Pie


So I took my Greek quiz, after much hemming and hawing. Hawwing? Anyhow, I came out from the office where I was taking the quiz and I smelled something burning, so, like you do, I poked my head into the TA office to laugh at whoever had burnt something in the microwave. They let me know that there was a fire down on JPA. I go to class. Yikes.

I take the bus home after class, and they won't go down JPA because of the fire. I get off on Stadium road and start up the hill. JPA looks fine, but imagine my surprise when the street that my apartment's on has been blocked off to traffic.

And there were two firetrucks surrounding the corner of the building in which my apartment is housed.

Yeah, there was some panic.

It turns out to have been a brush fire over by meleth's apartment. Nobody was hurt. But crap, that was scary.

I can't imagine what the day's looking like from meleth's perspective, first Neil Gaiman and then the smoke blocking out the sun outside her apartment.

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